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    Who I am and what do I bring to real estate that others don't?
    A lifetime of other "stuff." (And by "stuff," I mean business experience.)

    "Sure, Dan. That's all well and good to put in your bio, but what do your past activities mean for my real estate transaction?" (I read your mind, didn't I?)

    In addition to being a real estate broker for 15 years, I've also been:

    Real Estate Investor & Rehabber

    Need to sell your home "as is" (without needed repairs)? I know how to market your home's ARV (After Repair Value) to investors, rehabbers and developers in my network. If you're an investor — whether you plan to flip or want long-term cash flow — I'll help you evaluate our market to maximize your return.

    A Homeowner

    I know how hard it is to sell your home, de-clutter, deal with showings, and be realistic instead of sentimental about pricing. I've been there. I'm sensitive to your emotions as well as your finances. And I know how hard it is to be a buyer. I'll help you find your "10 out of 10" home — not talk you into the first house we see.

    A Renter and Landlord

    I've been on both sides of this coin; I know the frustrations and how to meet in the middle. Whether there is a renter in the home you need to sell or whether you're buying a property to rent, we'll avoid the difficulties.

    A Loan Broker

    I no longer handle loans. But because of my experience in the industry, I anticipate the pitfalls and work closely with the loan broker to make sure your deal is not derailed by last minute surprises.

    A Marketing Professional

    Do I put your property on the MLS and wait? No. I draw on my internet marketing background to develop a proactive plan, a custom website exclusively for your home (so buyers can fall in love with your property before they step through the door), and I use social media to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

    The COO of an Appraisal Firm

    I have an in-depth knowledge of the art and science of appraisals. Sellers, it's imperative we price your home correctly the first time — without having to do repeated, endless price reductions. Time is money (and you're right … I didn't make that up myself). I'll examine the local comps, as well as your home's unique features, to ensure your home's value is quickly noticed by buyers. Buyers, I work hard to evaluate the true worth of the home you want. Low-ball offers can push away sellers, but we certainly don't want to overpay! My analysis of the comps in the neighborhood helps us place an offer that the seller accepts, and your lender approves.

    A Contract Negotiator

    Let's face it, as a buyer or as a seller, the negotiation process during a real estate transaction is the hard part, the delicate part, the critical part. To the uninitiated, it can easily be the intimidating part. But, I've spent my life in sales contract negotiations — successfully negotiating in offices at Sony Studios Hollywood, boardrooms in Rockefeller Center, and living rooms in Tampa.

    Forgive me for tooting my own horn, but negotiating is what I do best, enjoy most and want to do on your behalf. I don't look at negotiation as contention; I make it easy for all parties to say "yes." But, don't get me wrong — if the situation requires me to fight for you, I will.

    A real estate transaction is a puzzle. And, I live to solve puzzles! (Don't even ask me what level I'm on in Candy Crush.) Whether you're a buyer or a seller, I pick your brain (what you want and need), suggest ideas you may not have thought of, and put all the puzzle pieces together to close your transaction with the least amount of stress on you.

    I'll always be indebted to my very first boss who taught me that success in business is measured by having a genuine concern for the customer. "Solve their problems, and you'll solve your own." I still live by that credo. Each real estate transaction is such a unique, personal experience it allows me to form a deep, trusting connection with my clients. I have built decades-old relationships and have no doubt there are more to come.

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